3x2 Collective Exhibition, Cambridge

12th September marked the exhibition opening night of photo project 3x2. It was the product of many months work with Cambridge street photographer Matt Hall.

3x2 Collective Exhibition
3x2 Collective Exhibition
3x2 is an ongoing collaborative photo project created by Matt Hall and Rich Etteridge. Matt draws inspiration from many places; the environment, and the characters he sees. The relationship between light and dark, suggestion, and the human element are all strong themes that run through his work. 
Rich's own photo project attempts to capture urban scenes primarily through strong links with abstraction and minimalism. Natural light uncovers contrasting intersections of shapes, repetition, texture, and colour. 
The project became a way to connect with the city of Cambridge and offer miniature observations of the changing built environment. Matt discovered that both his and Rich’s work sometimes shared overlaps in style and interpretation, and this exhibition showcases some of the closer matches. 
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